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 Flexzertech Soft Rubber Lapel Pins 1"  Flexzertech Soft Rubber Lapel Pins 1-1/2"  Flexzertech Soft Rubber Lapel Pins 1-1/4"  Flexzertech Soft Rubber Lapel Pins 2"  Flexzertech Soft Rubber Luggage Tags 4"x2-1/2"
 Flexzertech Soft Rubber Magnets 2"  Flexzertech Soft Rubber Magnets 2-1/2"  Flexzertech Soft Rubber Magnets 3"  Flexzertech Soft Rubber Patches 2"  Flexzertech Soft Rubber Patches 2-1/2"
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 Flexzertech Soft Rubber Picture Frames 5"x4"  Flexzertech Soft Rubber Picture Frames 6-1/2"x4-1/2"  Flexzertech Soft Rubber Wristbands 9"  Flexzertech Soft Rubber Zipper Pulls 1"  Flexzertech Soft Rubber Zipper Pulls 1-1/2"
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