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 Florentine Napa Leather Tri-fold Wallet  Florentine Napa Leather Two Fold Wallet  Florentine Napa Leather Underarm Portfolio  Florentine Napa Leather Weekender Wallet  Florentine Napa Leather Woman's Travel Jewelry Case
 Florentine Napa Leather Wrist Rest Mouse Pad  Florentine Napa Leather Writing Pad Holder  Florentine Napa Leather Writing Pad W/ Calculator  Florentine Napa Leather Zip-around 1" Three-ring Binder  Florentine Napa Leather Zip-around Deluxe Writing Pad
 Florentine Napa Mini Sofa Picture Frame & Cell Phone / Card / Ipod Holder  Florentine Napa Multi-function Note Taker Organizer  Florentine Napa Slimline Passport Jacket  Florentine Napa Standard Note Jotter Pad Case W/ Brass Corners (50 Pack)  Florentine Napa Zip Around Writing Pad Holder/ Portfolio
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