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 Rugger Sweater W/ 2 Button Placket Collar (2xl) - Colors  Rugger Sweater W/ 2 Button Placket Collar (2xl) - Natural  Rugger Sweater W/ 2 Button Placket Collar (3xl) - Colors  Rugger Sweater W/ 2 Button Placket Collar (3xl) - Natural  Rugger Sweater W/ 2 Button Placket Collar (S-xl) - Colors
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 ruled register  Ruled Telephone & Memo Pad W/ Heat Sealed Cover (After 7/15/08)  Ruled Telephone & Memo Pad W/ Heat Sealed Cover (Before 7/15/08)  Ruled Weekly Telephone & Memo Pad W/ Refillable Sewn Cover (After 7/15/08)  Ruled Weekly Telephone & Memo Pad W/ Refillable Sewn Cover (Before 7/15/08)
 Ruler  ruler and square  ruler angle level  Ruler Calculator  Ruler Calculator (3 Day Service)
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