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Promotional Gifts for Cooking Events


200 Products Found on Cooking Events
  • Wolfmark 22"x33" Deluxe Bib Apron / Navy Blue

    Wolfmark 22"x33" Deluxe Bib Apron / Navy Blue

    Jennifer8200 2015/5/24

    22"x33", Bib, Deluxe, Adjustable Neck Strap, 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton Twill, Large Pocket, Extra Long Waist Tie, 1 Size Fits Most

  • 2-1/2 Minute Acrylic Sand Timer

    2-1/2 Minute Acrylic Sand Timer

    Landy264953 2015/4/28


  • 10 Oz. Natural Canvas 28"x19" Two Pocket Tunic

    10 Oz. Natural Canvas 28"x19" Two Pocket Tunic

    Landy8344 2015/3/30

    28"x19", 10 Oz., Canvas, 2 Pocket, Tunic, Side Waist Tie, Protect Clothing, Protect Garment, Waist Tie, Fasten In Back, Worn Around Waist, Bib

  • 3 Piece Bbq Tool Set With Folding Easy-carry Tote

    3 Piece Bbq Tool Set With Folding Easy-carry Tote

    Shirley277416 2015/3/17

    3-piece BBQ tool set; folds into an easy-to-carry tote with handle and carrying strap. Made of polyester canvas.

  • White Quilted Potholder

    White Quilted Potholder

    Jennifer165241 2015/3/9

    A wonderful gift for the kitchen. This classic design gives you the option of a diagonal or square imprint.

  • Acrylic 6 Piece Self Stacking Spice Bottles Tower Containers Set

    Acrylic 6 Piece Self Stacking Spice Bottles Tower Containers Set

    karen72517 2015/3/9

    SET OF 6 SPICE TOWER BOTTLES. These bottles have removable sifter lids plus 2 extra sifters with smaller holes, if needed. Includes 48 pre-printed and 6 blank spice labels (spices not included). Set stacks to 13-3/4" overall. Color box.

  • 24 Piece Deluxe Bbq Set

    24 Piece Deluxe Bbq Set

    Jennifer277651 2015/2/8

    20"x12", 24 Piece, Carrying Case, Stainless Steel, Spatula, Serrated Blade, Bottle Opener, Sauce Brush, Tong, Cutting Blade, Grill Cleaner, 6 Steak Knife, 6 Fork, 4 Skewer, Seasoning Shaker

  • The Cafe Waist Apron (Embroidered)

    The Cafe Waist Apron (Embroidered)

    IAN8512 2015/2/3

    Functional and durable, this waist apron is great for corner cafe or any server performing multiple tasks. Adjustable web waistband and easy clip buckle. 4 pockets plus 2 pen pockets. Apron constructed of durable poly/cotton twill and bartacked on stress points for extra wear and tear.

  • Classy Paper Chef Cap (Printed)

    Classy Paper Chef Cap (Printed)

    Janet124952 2014/7/28

    Classy, 1 Size Fit All, Adjustable Headband, Paper

  • Food - Donut Squeeze Toy

    Food - Donut Squeeze Toy

    Shirley235339 2014/7/7

    3-1/2"x1", Donut, Food, Tension Reliever, Chocolate Donut, Stress Reliever

  • Hot Handle Holder (Blank)

    Hot Handle Holder (Blank)

    Landy54586 2014/7/7

    Hot Handle Holder, 7"x3-1/4", Flame Retardant, Contour Binding, Border, Hanging Storage Loop, Eyeglass Storage

  • Plastic Corkscrew

    Plastic Corkscrew

    Shirley75431 2014/6/30

    Plastic, Handle, 3/4x4-1/8

  • Weekend Explorer Grill & Cooler

    Weekend Explorer Grill & Cooler

    Janet121251 2014/4/14

    This portable grill and cooler features an outer chamber that holds the grill, while the insulated and lined inner cooler compartment holds up to ten 12 oz. cans. Heavy-gauge steel grill burns charcoal or wood. Great for picnics, sporting events, camping, the beach or vacations.

  • Large Square Pot Holder

    Large Square Pot Holder

    Janet206855 2014/1/22

    8"x8", Large, Square, Polyester Top, Cotton Twill Top, Quilted Bottom, Hanging Loop, Pot Holder, Oven, Heat Resistant

  • Pasta Pal Spaghetti Server

    Pasta Pal Spaghetti Server

    Shirley277732 2014/1/7

    30CM Long, Handle, Tong, Spaghetti Server, 4 Measuring Hole, Pasta Pal, Plastic

  • Bbq Grill Set

    Bbq Grill Set

    Eillen277397 2013/12/1

    Bbq Tool, 14"x6", Stainless Steel, 2 Prong Fork, Spatula, Tong, Carry Case, Web Handle

  • Drum Match Cylinder (1 Color)

    Drum Match Cylinder (1 Color)

    Eillen157460 2013/8/27

    3-1/2"x3/4" Cap, Lid, 3-1/2"x1-1/2" Base, 2" Stick, 30 Count, Wood Stick, Uv Gloss Coating, Striker Friction, Lid, Drum, Cylinder, Round Container, Circle Compartment, Produce Fire, Coated, Phosphorus

  • Short 3 Pocket Apron

    Short 3 Pocket Apron

    Eillen8263 2013/6/13

    20"x10", Short, 3 Pocket, Cotton Twill, Waist, Tunnel Tie

  • Ceramic Chocolate Fondue Set

    Ceramic Chocolate Fondue Set

    Landy204663 2013/4/6

    Home Plus, Ceramic, Chocolate, Fondue, 4 Piece, Mini Set, Small Cup, Saucer, Candle Base

  • Premium Hibachi Tailgate Bbq Grill

    Premium Hibachi Tailgate Bbq Grill

    Shirley121257 2013/3/29

    Perfect for tailgating, camping, fishing or just cooking on the patio. 112-1/2 square inches of cooking space, 2 adjustable-height grill grids.

  • Chef Hat Shape Jar Opener

    Chef Hat Shape Jar Opener

    Amy176442 2013/1/31

    New shapes for 2008 Magic grip for you! Inexpensive & rugged Your message will last forever! Also used as an exceptional lint remover Peels garlic Strengthens your grip on anything!.

  • Large Square Bowl

    Large Square Bowl

    PPC33406 2012/10/17

    Large, Square, Storage, Microwavable, Freezable, Dishwasher Safe, Lid, 8 Cup, Course Texture Lid, Pebbled Imprint, Pull Tab, Plastic Receptacle, Food Compartment

  • Large Round Bowl

    Large Round Bowl

    PPC72189 2012/10/17

    Large, Removable Lid, Seal Lid, Storage, 8 Cup, Round, Dishwasher Safe, Pull Tab, Plastic, Circle

  • Large Round Bowl

    Large Round Bowl

    karen33410 2012/10/17

    Large, Removable Lid, Seal Lid, Storage, 8 Cup, Round, Dishwasher Safe, Pull Tab, Plastic, Circle

  • Plastic Pie/Cake Server/Slicer Utensil

    Plastic Pie/Cake Server/Slicer Utensil

    Lisa81001 2012/9/14

    Pie Server, Pie Slicer, Cake Server, Cake Slicer, Handle, 9-3/8", Dishwasher Safe, Carry Handle, Serrated Edge, Plastic, Non Toxic, Fda Approved Plastic

  • Terry Cloth Potholder

    Terry Cloth Potholder

    Eillen206860 2012/9/14

    8"x8", Terry Cloth, Hang Loop, Front Pocket, Square, Heat Resistant

  • 7"x13" Oven Mitts

    7"x13" Oven Mitts

    Eillen204216 2012/9/14

    7"x13", Oven Glove, 18x33 Cm, Cooking Glove, Undivided Glove, Fit All, Protect Hand, Worn On Hand, Cover Finger, Kitchenware, Kitchen Accessory

  • Fresh Lidz

    Fresh Lidz

    Amy22411 2012/9/12

    Can Topper, Soda, Pop Topper, Can Opener, Soda Lid, Recloseable

  • 13" Solid White Quilted Oven Mitt

    13" Solid White Quilted Oven Mitt

    Eillen165215 2012/7/11

    13", Solid, Quilted, Oven Mitt, Tail Gate, Barbeque, Hand Protect

  • 3 Pocket Adjustable Bib Apron - Stock Colors (One Size)

    3 Pocket Adjustable Bib Apron - Stock Colors (One Size)

    LisaPPC23683 2012/6/12

    8 Oz., 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton, Twill, Unisex, 24"x28", 3 Pocket, Adjustable, Neck Strap, Waist Tie, One Size, Stock

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