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Promotional Gifts for Swimming Events


200 Products Found on Swimming Events
  • Deluxe Beach Chair

    Deluxe Beach Chair

    Jennifer57090 2015/3/30

    Deluxe, Low Seat, High Back, Beach, 1" Tube Frame, Aluminum Tubing Frame, Polyester

  • Leather Chamois Skate Towel

    Leather Chamois Skate Towel

    karen62428 2015/1/14

    Leather, Skate, Chamois, Dry, Absorbent Cloth, Wiping, Drying, Rub, Drying, Remove Moisture, Clasp, Fastener, Gripping Device, Clamp

  • 4"x6" Dry Pak Cell Phone Case With Lanyard

    4"x6" Dry Pak Cell Phone Case With Lanyard

    IAN261075 2015/1/3

    4"x6", Lanyard, Cell Phone Keeper, Dry Pak, Transparent, 100% Waterproof, Tpu Material, Float, Seal Out Water, Seal Out Sand, Seal Out Dust, Phone, Clip

  • The Beach Head Hammock (Printed)

    The Beach Head Hammock (Printed)

    Shirley121969 2014/11/2

    Beach, Head Rest, Deep Relax, Muscle Relax, Neck Rest, Relax Face, Shoulder Rest, Sunbath, Under Head Compartment, Anti Theft Device, Personal Item Holder, Car Key Holder, Cell Phone Holder

  • 12" Green & White Beach Balls

    12" Green & White Beach Balls

    Shirley15627 2014/10/10

    12" beach balls.

  • Foldable Drawstring Mesh Bag

    Foldable Drawstring Mesh Bag

    Michelle14934 2014/5/7

    18"H X9"W, Drawstring and small pouch

  • Kelsyus Inflatable Floating Hammock (Blank)

    Kelsyus Inflatable Floating Hammock (Blank)

    Janet121994 2014/5/4

    With a twist of the wrist, our exclusive Floating Hammock collapses into a 19" mesh tote bag(with Kelsyus logo on one side).

  • Beach Mat

    Beach Mat

    Jennifer158223 2014/3/19

    Three-fold natural straw beach mat measures 36"x72". Printed fabric panel showcases your logo. Perfect for the sands of time or any beach. Imported.

  • Round Floating Waterproof Container With Neck Strap

    Round Floating Waterproof Container With Neck Strap

    Eillen72351 2014/3/12

    Round, Cylinder, Floating, Waterproof, Neck Strap, Receptacle, Key Compartment, Carrying Money, Long Strap, Semi Translucent

  • Crocodile Pool Rider

    Crocodile Pool Rider

    Shirley130622 2014/1/7

    153*55cm, Crocodile, Ride On, Pool Rider, Swim, Swimming Pool, Water

  • 12" White Beach Balls

    12" White Beach Balls

    Shirley129970 2013/10/15

    12" beach balls.

  • 72" Promotional Favorite Beach Umbrella W/Enamel Frame & Extension Pole

    72" Promotional Favorite Beach Umbrella W/Enamel Frame & Extension Pole

    Eillen274027 2013/9/29

    Favorite, Beach, 2 Piece Frame, Enamel Frame, Extension Pole, Plastic Case, Snap Closure Case, Shoulder Strap, 72" Arc, 1 Color, 1 Location

  • Watertite Beach Box

    Watertite Beach Box

    Shirley12514 2013/8/22

    Beach, Boxes, Cord, Travel, Vacation, Rectangle, Hinge, Locking, Water Tight Closure, Valuable, Adjustable Neck Lanyard, Plastic, Waterproof, Amusement Park, Safety, Cash, Coin, Cell Phone

  • Pair Of Sandals W/ Shaped Soles

    Pair Of Sandals W/ Shaped Soles

    Jennifer228645 2013/8/4

    Sandal, Shaped Sole, Size 7, Size 9, Size 11, Size 13, Pair

  • 30"x60" Beach Towel In A Bag (Printed)

    30"x60" Beach Towel In A Bag (Printed)

    Jennifer268301 2013/7/10

    30"x60", Beach, Tote, 2 Ply, Terry, Velour, Hem, 100% Cotton, Easy Fold, Convenient, Back Pack, Sunburst Pattern, Hawaiian Hibiscus Pattern

  • 16" Inflatable Beach Ball

    16" Inflatable Beach Ball

    Eillen130643 2013/2/4

    16", Multicolor Panel, Round, Air Catch Valve, Circle, Sphere, Air Filled Object, Gas Filled Object, Small, Rubber, Lightweight, Portable

  • Proway Rectangular Beach Box With Neck Cord

    Proway Rectangular Beach Box With Neck Cord

    Shirley34539 2012/11/2

    Proway, 7.3X3.3X11.5 CM , Rectangle, Neck Cord, Waterproof, Seal Top Lid, Safety Latch, Transparent, Translucent, Beach

  • Spf 30 Lip Balm W/ Standard Cap (All Natural Formula)

    Spf 30 Lip Balm W/ Standard Cap (All Natural Formula)

    Jennifer150347 2012/9/19

    Spf 30, Raspberry, Strawberry, Herbal Mint, Orange, Vanilla, Petroleum Free, Natural Soy Base, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Safflower Oil, Chamomile, Jojoba, Stick, Round, Circle, All Natural Formula

  • Round Pop-up Fan

    Round Pop-up Fan

    Jennifer99498 2012/7/5

    Folding fan that fits inside built in plastic handle. 8" diameter. Made of nylon. Call for more information.

  • Carrying Strap

    Carrying Strap

    Sophie245933 2012/4/27

    Carrying Handle, Beach Towel Handle PP material. size:20*600MM MOQ:5000pcs pp, nylon or other materials are available for your choice. Any sizes are acceptable.

  • Small Floating Keytainer

    Small Floating Keytainer

    LisaPPC72349 2012/3/16

    Small, Water Resistant, Flexible Vinyl, Brass Beading, Hole, Cylindrical, Split Ring, Circular, Round, Key Holder, Key Fob, Key Keeper, Floating, Receptacle, Compartment, Brass Chain

  • Luster Tone Beach Ball (1-day Rush)

    Luster Tone Beach Ball (1-day Rush)

    Shirley10052801 2012/3/14

    This new 16" PVC beach ball features alternating silver and translucent color panels.

  • 30"x60" Dri-lite Beach Towel (Blank)

    30"x60" Dri-lite Beach Towel (Blank)

    Vivian268725 2012/1/14

    Dri Lite, 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide, Microfiber, 30"x60", Beach

  • Oversized Elvis Glasses

    Oversized Elvis Glasses

    karen250088 2011/9/19

    Frame, 16", Oversized, Elvis

  • 10 Lb. Rubber Diving Brick - 9"x3-1/4"x3-1/4"

    10 Lb. Rubber Diving Brick - 9"x3-1/4"x3-1/4"

    Yolanda244895 2011/9/16

    9"x3-1/4"x3-1/4", 10 Lb., Rubber, Diving, Brick, Rectangle, Water Exercise, Balance, Rescue Training

  • Coleman Personal Cooler

    Coleman Personal Cooler

    lisa73374 2011/8/5

    PERSONAL 8 quart COOLER holds 10 cans plus ice. It features a detachable, reversible lid. Added foam insulation for increased cold-keeping.

  • Sand Bag

    Sand Bag

    Karry14668 2011/7/13

    Drawstring closure beach bag with adjustable toggle and adjustable clip-on shoulder strap. One outer zip pocket and six Elasticized mesh pockets. Water and sand resistant. Great for travel, vacations and trips to the beach!

  • Bikini Can Sleeve Beverage Insulator

    Bikini Can Sleeve Beverage Insulator

    Becka22817 2011/7/5

    4"x5-3/4", Bikini, Can, Insulate, Sleeve, Flame, Hibiscus Pattern, Flag Pattern, Us Flag, Confederate Flag

  • Logo Clapper

    Logo Clapper

    Jennifer173336 2011/6/15

    Plastic Clapper in the shape of team or corporate logos.

  • Custom Linen-like Hand Towel (1 Color)

    Custom Linen-like Hand Towel (1 Color)

    lisa268454 2011/6/3

    4-1/2"x8-1/2" Folded, 12"x17" Unfolded, Custom, Linen Like Paper, Multi Ply Stock, Hand, Wet Absorbent Paper, Wiping Paper, Drying

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