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Make your deal smart in China


For small business operators, direct buying from China can be significantly cost effective, even at the level of 50% or more. Nevertheless, there are numerous considering factors as well risks and most importantly, being a small business person one should be smart enough to understand the processes by which Chinese factories and traders deal with their customers. First of all, Chinese manufactures are no different from other business communities and may require you for ordering a minimum volume whereas small business owners are required to negotiate and determine the other factors relating to tax, customs and other issues.
As you find your suitable supplier after searching through the Internet, communicate with them and ask for prices of products you intend to buy. Even if, you find the prices in the websites, inform your quantity and ask for the best possible offer. Factors like the business structure; channels of sales and finally your convincing skill can also make these suppliers keen to build business relationship with you and they can offer you special prices. To find such a supplier, the best way is attending trade shows organized in China. Well, for small business people, this may be bit expensive involving travelling fare, lodging/meals as well other expenditures. But, to commence, somewhere you have to start and potential savings is always possible by cost-effective means of purchase and establishing contacts, which is an important part of this business.  
Be wise and request product sample in order to determine the item quality as well workmanship before finalizing the order. Decide about the shipping method. If the quality is small packages, you can opt to have them flown however, though ocean shipping will be time consuming but charges are far less than any other shipping process. Planning of shipping type depends entirely upon your choice and necessity. One important point to consider is that since 1984, the Chinese Government has introduced value added tax@ 17% on most items. However, Chinese enterprises don't list VAT when quoting prices but at the time of buying, you are supposed to pay it. A number of Chinese firms are also exempted from value of the tax. Hence, before calculating your price to pay, please make sure on these issues. To conclude, find the best possible method and the safest way of paying your associate.

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