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Wholesale Boomerangs

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  • Red Zingarang

    Red Zingarang

    lisaPPC29691 2012/10/19

    This 10 " foam flying toy is great for indoor or outdoor use. Easily thrown, the Zingarang will come right back, making it perfect for marketing slogans.

  • Frisbee


    Becka29678 2011/6/30

    frisbee Material:PP Size:9" Packaging:1pc/ppbag,50pcs/inner box,200pcs/ctn,CTN size:55X50X26CM N/W:16kg,G/W:18kg. MOQ:5000PCS

  • Folded Frisbee

    Folded Frisbee

    IVY29680 2009/7/7

    folded frisbee

  • Tripod Boomerang (15 Day Service)

    Tripod Boomerang (15 Day Service)

    PPC29672 2010-01-11

    A plastic boomerang perfect for the outdoors.

  • Tripod Boomerang (Factory Direct)

    Tripod Boomerang (Factory Direct)

    PPC29673 2010-01-10

    A plastic boomerang perfect for the outdoors.

  • Boomerang (15 Day Service)

    Boomerang (15 Day Service)

    PPC29674 2010-01-19

    An Australian style plastic boomerang.

  • Boomerang (Factory Direct)

    Boomerang (Factory Direct)

    PPC29675 2010-01-18

    An Australian style plastic boomerang.

  • Frisbee With Three Layers.

    Frisbee With Three Layers.

    PPC29676 2010-01-17

    frisbee with three layers.

  • Frisbee


    PPC29677 2010-01-16


  • Folded Frisbee

    Folded Frisbee

    PPC29679 2010-01-14

    folded frisbee

  • Frisbee


    PPC29681 2010-01-12


  • Frisbee


    PPC29682 2010-01-11


  • Flaring Frisbee

    Flaring Frisbee

    PPC29683 2010-01-10

    flaring frisbee colorful frisbee.It is a ideal for sports with children and friends. 22.5CM pp

  • 12"x1-1/2" Authentic Boomerang

    12"x1-1/2" Authentic Boomerang

    PPC29684 2010-01-19

    Authentic boomerang. Fits perfectly in an 8-1/2"x11" envelope for easy mailing.

  • 12" Wood Boomerang

    12" Wood Boomerang

    PPC29687 2010-01-16

    12", Wood, Flat, Curve, Throw, Return

  • 15" Bommerang

    15" Bommerang

    PPC29688 2010-01-15


  • 10" Mini Bommerang

    10" Mini Bommerang

    PPC29689 2010-01-14


  • Blue Zingarang

    Blue Zingarang

    PPC29690 2010-01-13

    This 10 " foam flying toy is great for indoor or outdoor use. Easily thrown, the Zingarang will come right back, making it perfect for marketing slogans.

  • 2 Tone Foam Boomerang

    2 Tone Foam Boomerang

    PPC29692 2010-01-11

    7"x7"x3/4", 2 Tone, Flyer

  • Die Cut Foam Boomerang

    Die Cut Foam Boomerang

    PPC29693 2010-01-10

    9"x9"x1", Die Cut, Flyer

  • Deluxe Yellow Boomerang

    Deluxe Yellow Boomerang

    PPC29694 2010-01-19

    7"x7"x3/4", Deluxe, Cardboard Insert, Flyer

  • Foam Boomerang

    Foam Boomerang

    PPC29695 2010-01-18

    7"x7"x3/4", Flyer, Foam

  • 12" Handcrafted Boomerang

    12" Handcrafted Boomerang

    PPC29697 2010-01-16

    Handcrafted, Australia, Natural Wood, 12" Wingspan, Throwing Instruction

  • Wooden Boomerang (17-1/2")

    Wooden Boomerang (17-1/2")

    PPC29701 2010-01-12

    Pine Wood, 17-1/2", Wooden, Boom

  • Orbiter Boomerang

    Orbiter Boomerang

    PPC29702 2010-01-11

    3 Side, Triangle, Orbiter, Boomerang, Polycarbonate Spine, Rubber Edge, 11-3/8" Side, High Performance, Sport, Toy, Aerobie

  • Plastic Neon Jumbo Boomerangs

    Plastic Neon Jumbo Boomerangs

    PPC29703 2010-01-10

    Plastic, Neon, Jumbo, Stripe

  • Vroom Glider

    Vroom Glider

    PPC29705 2010-01-18

    This room glider will tum your next promotion into a party! Adjust it to make right and left turns. Flies up to 50 feet. Tape a penny to its nose and away you go! Vroom label size is 1-/2"x3". 1 color standard color. Send pdf art.

  • Super Fly

    Super Fly

    PPC29706 2010-01-17

    The flying mini billboard with ATTITUDE! Toss it hard for distance or turn up the flaps for aerobatic loops. Insert a nickel into the slot and begin flying. Super Fly label size is 1-1/2"x3". 1 color standard color. Send pdf art.

  • The Big Steve-o

    The Big Steve-o

    PPC29707 2010-01-16

    Your clients will appreciate its large size and the excellent way the Big Steve-O flies. Large loops & long great flights are easily accomplished by pilots of all ages. The Big Steve-O label size is 1-1/2"x3". 1 color standard color. Send pdf art.

  • V-wing


    PPC29708 2010-01-15

    The V-Wing will help launch your clients next promotion into a new dimension! When assembled the V-Wing launches over 80 feet high and regularly flies between 15 & 45 seconds. V-Wing label size is 1-1/2"x3". 1 color standard color. Send pdf art.

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