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Wholesale Bubble Machines

8 Products Found for Wholesale Bubble Machines
  • Guitar Bubble Necklace

    Guitar Bubble Necklace

    IVY39655 2009/3/26

    5", Bubble Solution, Plastic, Guitar, Braided Cord

  • Bubble Machine

    Bubble Machine

    PPC39646 2010-01-10

    Bubble Machine.

  • Light Bulb Porcelain Collectible Cache

    Light Bulb Porcelain Collectible Cache

    PPC39647 2010-01-19

    These charming, limoges-style porcelain collectible caches with their classic hinge design, are handmade and painted so no two are exactly alike. They are used to hold items such as paperclips (which we include as a special bonus with each one), rubber bands, push pins or small treasured jewerly peices and other valuables, in an elegant way.

  • Crayon Bubbles

    Crayon Bubbles

    PPC39649 2010-01-17

    3", Bubble Solution, Plastic, Crayon, Wand

  • Soda Pop Touchable Bubbles

    Soda Pop Touchable Bubbles

    PPC39650 2010-01-16

    4", Soda Pop, Old Fashion Bottle, Touchable, Bubble Solution, Plastic

  • Pencil Bubbles

    Pencil Bubbles

    PPC39651 2010-01-15

    3", Plastic, Pencil, Bubble Solution

  • Sports Ball Whistling Bubbles

    Sports Ball Whistling Bubbles

    PPC39652 2010-01-14

    2", Bubble Solution, Plastic, Sport Ball, Basketball, Baseball

  • Engine Oil Bubbles

    Engine Oil Bubbles

    PPC39654 2010-01-12

    2-1/2"x3", Bubble Solution, Plastic, Engine Oil

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