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Wholesale Shredders

7 Products Found for Wholesale Shredders
  • 7"x5"x4" Hand Paper Shredder

    7"x5"x4" Hand Paper Shredder

    PPC230292 2010-01-14

    2-1/2"x4"x5-3/44", Hand Crank, Paper, Strip, Container, Holder, Rectangle, Lid

  • Electric Paper Shredder

    Electric Paper Shredder

    PPC230293 2010-01-13

    12-1/4"x4-1/2"x2-1/2", Electric, Paper, Ul Approval, Adjustable Handle, Standard Wall Socket Plug, Electronic, Adjustable Fit

  • Compact Handheld Paper Shredder

    Compact Handheld Paper Shredder

    PPC230294 2010-01-12

    Compact, Handheld, Paper, Translucent, Crank, Compartment, Identity Theft, Storage

  • Battery Operated Paper Shredder

    Battery Operated Paper Shredder

    PPC230295 2010-01-11

    Battery Operated, Paper, Plastic, Wrist Strap, Confidential Receipt, Sticky Note, Business Card, 4 Aa Battery

  • Desktop Usb Paper Shredder

    Desktop Usb Paper Shredder

    PPC230296 2010-01-10

    Desktop, Usb, Paper, Transparent, Rectangle, Compact, 4 Aa Battery, Open Letter, 10 Sheet, 46" Cord, Instruction, Abs Plastic

  • Personal Size Manual Shredder

    Personal Size Manual Shredder

    PPC230297 2010-01-19

    Manual, Turn Action, Handle, Removable Lid, Personal Size, Hand Crank

  • 3 In 1 Manual Shredder

    3 In 1 Manual Shredder

    PPC230298 2010-01-18

    Manual, Turn Action, Handle, Removable Lid, Letter Slot, Hand Crank, Credit Card Slot, Cd Slot

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